The Thai Binh thermal power plant
Details about the project:
    Center Pacific thermal power of the left bank of the Tra Ly River, the mouth of the Tra Ly River about 3 km to the west, covering an area of 254.22 hectares consists of two plants: the Pacific 1 Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 600MW by Volume electricity of Vietnam (EVN) as an investor and thermal power plant Thai Binh 2 with a capacity of 1,200 MW (including two units, each with a capacity of 600MW), the power output of about 7.2 billion kWh / year) by the Electricity Corporation of Vietnam Oil and Gas (PV Power) as an investor.
   There is enough space to arrange the items of equipment in the selected size and technological capacity and conditional capacity to expand later. The Birth of Power Pacific center will play an important role in the addition of a large amount of power for the electrical system, meet a growing demand for electricity power system of Vietnam's national period from 2013.

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Owner: NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION VIETNAM - General contractor: Manufacturing Machinery
The first two turbines at the Phu Quy wind-power plant on Phu Quy Island in central Binh Thuan province

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